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a unique way to handle heritage

we are passionate by heritage and see it as our mission to guide the puppets into a well deserved rest, in the form of exhibition or storage in archives or depots. 

we like to compare puppets with musical instruments that need delicate handling in order to perform. fragile materials like foam-rubber or leather can be treated or be replaced to guarantee performance. re-stringing marionettes and their controllers is a specialised task we are happy to take on.

if desired every puppet can be photographed in our studio for documentation or publication. High quality pictures, brightly lit, help preserve the memory of historical puppets 

finally, in order to transport or store the most precious puppets we can build transport cases that are solid, safe and ventilated, made-to-measure.


high quality photography and documentation

re-threading marionettes

 re-sculpting and moulding of pulverised parts

re-wiring and programming electronics

design en construction of made-measure stands and handles

delicate paint and costume touch-up

protective storage solutions


specialised transportation cases

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