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hi there.

once upon a time puppet prototyping was hatched by three friends and their shared passion for puppets.

together Dirk Verbeeck, Pascale Pettersson and Bart Van de Plas worked out a project, funded by the Flemish Government, dedicated to the past, present and future of the (regional) theatrepuppet. doing research, visiting archives and collections but also creating and performing different types of puppets were covered over a

two-year period. after completing this research the three questioned what the future of puppet prototyping could be.


today puppet prototyping continues to create and perform puppets for theatre, television and film. Bart modeled the project into a functional workshop/studio as an answer to the questions that reached them while researching. in its current, official form puppet prototyping is a one-person company although just like the theatre- and filmworld itself it is constantly evolving into new forms and shapes...


of course Bart is backed by Pascale and Dirk as together they enjoy over 50 years of professional experience in this field. wether they are puppets or creatures for theatre, film, stop-motion animation or television, the approach is ever so engaged. designing and creating these fascinating objects and breathing life into them on set or stage is what we do best. giving older puppets a well deserved restoration after years of play or storage is our way to thank them.

a good puppet becomes so much more than the construction it once was.

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we like to visit collections and exhibits all over the place. join us on some trips we've taken

(language Dutch only) 



Vlaanderen, cemper, Faro, materialise, Industrial Design Center, 

TwinPlast, FORM-X, Les Machines de l'Ile Nantes, Scary Cat Studio

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