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The Hvammstangi International Puppet Festival, located in Iceland, asked us to create an animated ident for their very first edition.


at puppet prototyping we produced everything a to z and filmed the live-action puppetry and stop-motion animation in our studio. 

Following the succes of the first festival and positive response on the matching ident, the organisation returned to us on the following editions. This created an opportunity to expand the story featuring the same characters, each time in a different way and technique.

MacBook-Air Hip Fest.png


The innovative feature on this project was the combination of different manipulation techniques. Although both Stop-Motion Animation and Puppeteering require puppets that look alike on the outside, on the inside they couldn't differ more and also moving them requires an entirely different approach. To show both styles within the same short ident, right next to each other presented a challenge we eagerly took on.

LOGO Hip FestV5-01.jpg

On a side-note we also designed the logo for the festival

as it was originally a character design for one of the

main characters.

character design  : Pascale Pettersson

type and lay-out   : Bart Van de Plas

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