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genderklik : zie de rollen

The Government of Flanders initiated a campaign on Gender diversity and looked for a partner to add a distinctive visual style to the dedicated website. Pascale Pettersson was asked to create hand drawn illustrations to provide the site with a personal, intimate look&feel throughout.

puppet prototyping created an animated short to help tell the story. The 2min. short was produced entirely in-house. Story, storyboards, animatic, character design by Pascale Pettersson, sets, puppets and prop construction, stop-motion animation and finally post-production.



After several meetings and brainstorms with the client and members of the dedicated committee, one of the proposed concepts was locked and forged into a script. Soon we started drawing storyboards and created an animatic to find the right rhythm of the short.

The characters were designed in the same line as the illustrations for the website although this time bearing in mind they had to be transformed into puppets.


Once we got the green light from Brussels, puppets went into production, sets were built and props fabricated. All elements were handmade with a personal touch and an enormous attention for detail. 

The moment the first puppet and set were finished an animator started creating magic. The puppets came alive in front of the camera and shot-per-shot, the client could follow the progress. After several weeks of animating we finally wrapped.


We edited all of the shots together, based upon our initial animatic. Some subtle visual effects and graphics had to be added to enhance the sets and animation. Colour-grading was also utilised in order to create a homogeneous look&feel.

At this stage we also added voices, sounds and music which tied everything nicely together.

The Genderklik-short was finally launched and is here for you to see:

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